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Welcome to my page!

Welcome! My name is Bugfish and this is my personal webspace!
Feel free to explore...


Just some lyrics about resistance
After five years of preparation
I have chosen a bearer
who tells my story even after my death.

An honorable death in a cruel
battle marked by corruption.

Write texts in the darkest nights,
I send ambassadors from my crew
who tell and prove,
shout out, don't cheat.

My people come with regrets
in the face of departing friends,
who suffered long
because prosecutors sent their hunters.

To prepare for death and to die
is the master discipline of life.
To drown gracefully in agony
a sign of defiance towards death and all worldly things.

What is pain in the face of pride?
What is my end in the face of resistance?
Who stands for freedom and proportionality.
Never robs and never pursues.

Who are these people protecting and funding me?
No, it's not people who are criminals and deal.
They are companions serving a higher purpose.

They are strong but afraid.
Are great personalities, but not well known.
You are doomed to die with the first objection.
When they face an ignorant state.

They die but are not weak.
You stand upright as long as your body cooperates.
And then fall down, perhaps unable to stand.
But still willing to go through hell.

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